Methods for early recognition of OFDM data

R.R. Yuzkiv, V.A. Fedoseev, V.V. Myasnikov, V.V. Sergeyev
2020 Computer Optics  
A technique of early recognition (recovery) of data transmitted using OFDM technology by an incompletely received signal is considered. Theoretically, this approach is able to increase the speed of information transfer, as well as the resistance of the de-encoder to the loss of part of the transmitted signal. The article proposes a mathematical formulation of the OFDM signal early recognition problem, and also discusses several methods for solving it: a regularization method, an iterative
more » ... based on the fast Fourier transform, a gradient method based on learning, and an inverse operator method. The possibility of simultaneously using several methods to improve the accuracy of information recovery is considered. The results of numerical experiments presented in this work confirm the practical potential of the proposed approach.
doi:10.18287/2412-6179-co-662 fatcat:2b62lwes4rhszm6hnuso362zqm