A Comparative Study of Heterogeneous Processor Simulators

Shagufta S., Muhammad Aleem, Muhammad Arshad, Muhammad Azhar
2016 International Journal of Computer Applications  
In 1970's, Gordon Moore perceived that the number of transistors in a processor would double after every 18 months. With the addition of more transistors on a single-chip, a processor's energy consumption increases exponentially. The solution to this problem is heterogeneous processors and machines. Heterogeneous machine is the combination of CPU and GPU platforms. Computer architecture is shifting from multi-core to heterogeneous era. Generally, computer architects practice of software
more » ... on to model and analyze their ideas. Today, computer architects are using cycle-level simulators to discover and analyze new processor designs. To search the heterogeneous system design-space, we review and practically analyze heterogeneous simulators and their performance. In this study, we present a detailed comparative analysis of gem5-gpu, gem5, and multi2sim simulators.
doi:10.5120/ijca2016911316 fatcat:t7532ev45nhu7m3pt4r4fwqjna