A wide search of obscured Active Galactic Nuclei using XMM-Newton and WISE

E. Rovilos, I. Georgantopoulos, A. Akylas, J. Aird, D. M. Alexander, A. Comastri, A. Del Moro, P. Gandhi, A. Georgakakis, C. M. Harrison, J. R. Mullaney
2013 Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union  
We use the WISE all sky survey observations to look for counterparts of hard X-ray selected sources from the XMM-Newton-SDSS survey. We then measure the 12 μm luminosity of the AGN by decomposing their optical to infrared SEDs with a host and an AGN component and compare it to the X-ray luminosity and their expected intrinsic relation. This way we select 20 X-ray under-luminous heavily obscured candidates and examine their X-ray and optical properties in more detail. We find evidence for a
more » ... on-thick nucleus for six sources, a number lower than what expected from X-ray background synthesis models, which shows the limitations of our method.
doi:10.1017/s1743921314003950 fatcat:h2oi53pfjbfm7fa4plsqmlr7ga