Parallel Assembly of Hinged Mirostructures Using Magnetic Actuation

Y. Yi, C. Liu
1998 1998 Solid-State, Actuators, and Microsystems Workshop Technical Digest   unpublished
We have developed a new surface-micromachining process for realizing three-dimensional MEMS devices from hinged planar structures. Magnetic actuation, which is provided by Permalloy material attached to hinged plates, provides efficient and high yield out-of-plane actuation. Parallel actuation of large arrays of hinged microstructures is achieved under a globally applied external magnetic field. The magnitude of the actuation can be controlled by either the volume of the magnetic piece or the
more » ... etic piece or the stiffness of a flexural-beam loading spring. Asynchronous displacement of hinged structures allow these devices to lock into three dimensional assemblies that remain stable after the activation magnetic field is removed. 0-9640024-2-6/hh1998/$20©1998TRF
doi:10.31438/trf.hh1998.61 fatcat:p3sud5ivurfutmqqlsu3q77bya