Experimental study on the characteristics of mixed molding fuel with sludge and corn stalk

Wen-Yang Sun, Li-Ming Wang, Yan-Ru Ma, Yang Lv, Kang Feng, Wen-Tao Li
2017 2nd Annual International Conference on Energy, Environmental & Sustainable Ecosystem Development (EESED 2016)   unpublished
To solve the problem of utilization of typical waste resources in Daqing, the rich corn stalk in Daqing and the Daqing oilfield waste sludge were respectively selected as major and auxiliary raw. The influence of sludge proportion, moisture content of mixed materials and molding pressure on quality characteristics of mixed molding was investigated. Maximum pressure and deformation displacement were introduced to measure the mechanical properties of molding fuel. The results showed that the
more » ... e proportion was from 5% to 10%, the moisture content of mixed materials was from 10% to 12%, and the molding pressure was from 25Mpa to 30Mpa. Under this condition, physical qualities of molding fuel were better. This study may provide a theoretical basis for making molding fuel with mixed materials and providing a new consideration for the resource utilization of sludge.
doi:10.2991/eesed-16.2017.81 fatcat:uewyjxkm4jaevcmujxypcujwom