Efecto de la exposición a ozono sobre un modelo de privación materna en ratas

Carmen MOYA, Joaquín GONZÁLEZ
2020 Farmajournal  
Childhood maltreatment is one of the biggest social and economic problems worldwide. Among people affected by Childhood Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca / FarmaJournal, vol. 5, núm. 1 (2020), pp. 65-73 CARMEN MOYA; JOAQUÍN GONZÁLEZ EFECTO DE LA EXPOSICIÓN A OZONO SOBRE UN MODELO DE PRIVACIÓN MATERNA EN RATAS [ 66 ] maltreatment there is a high prevalence, inter alia, of violence, drugs abuse and psychiatric disorders. At the physiological level, the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal axis and the
more » ... drenal axis and the stress response are key to this prevalence. Moreover, in recent years, pollution has become an important issue because it affects directly human health. The objective of this experiment is to elucidate the effect of a chronic exposure to pollution, in particular ozone, on some biomarkers in a maternal deprivation animal model. We will measure how ozone exposure affects cognitive ability as well as anxiety state. Besides, the plasma variation of corticosterone and ACTH after an acute stressor will be analysed. We will also see if hippocampus and hippocampal subareas volume is altered in the animal model after the exposure to ozone. Finally, we will evaluate the methylation state of the exon promotor of glucocorticoid -receptor 1F and the exon promotor of vasopressin. This study is thought to start looking for the answer to how pollution affects the cognitive development of children who have suffered from Childhood maltreatment.
doi:10.14201/fj2020516573 fatcat:dgbdam67pzemdeeyzjejsugxka