Official trade intelligence

1922 Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry  
this rcspcct. A British Syndicnto has bought an oiI-bIialo doposit n t Ilclla Vista i n llio Gruiido do sill :ind anticip:itcs tho t.rcntnicnt of loo0 tons of s11:tlo pcr day aitliin two years. Inrcstigiition of tho wntcr-power resources was begun in 1920 and iniportnnt hydro-clectric dorclopiiiciits aro foresliiidowrcd. Exports in lD20 wore d u c t 1 n t f107,651,000, coui xired witli ;f130,0%5,000 in 1919, tho cliicf markets in order of iniportnneo biiig ttio uiij\c(l States, bhiicc, Uiiitcd
more » ... ingdoni, :ind Italy. 1110 diicf exports in 1920 were, iii inctric tons:-L:ircl 11,2W; hides 37,300; skins ~1ooO; ni;ingoncso .iri3,700; iiiicn (is; sugar 109,100; I I~Y C~L rubber 22,900; c;irnybn wax 3 W ; c;istormcd 22,000 ; castor oil r0O; raw cotton 24,500; cottonseed '23,600; cottonwed oil 3.100. lniports ?voro vriliicd n t LI1'5,005,OOO i n 1920 (L58,177,000 1,120,tiw) iiictric tons; ccinctit 153,000 t. ; csustic noda IS,.oOO t. Tho lrirgest sh;iro of tho imports W;M dcrircd froin tlio United Stntcs, tho v::luo i n 1920 being f51,(H)O,O(H), nii iiicrease of 39 per cait. Tho tiliriro of tho United Kingdom incrcnscd by 114 pcr cent. t o 1 2 7 ,~, 0 0 0 , niicl tlint of Ccriiinny roso from F'S01,OOO to fG,000,000. Altlrougli tho United I ~ii:itori:ils for coiili u i t l gold-mining coiripnnics, otc. nro ~idiiiitted frco of duty. CoiisiiIiiption duties npplied uiidor tho i i o~ Budget Lu\v nlfcct porfuliicry, spirit, firio cliiiia and Il7lriliuh 6'1tiuna,-~io prcforonbiuI custoliu tiirilf J $ I b S \~U~Q , o h . I Iiiis bccii revised.
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