Moisture expansion and mass gain in fired clay ceramics: a two-stage (time)1/4 process

S D Savage, M A Wilson, M A Carter, W D Hoff, C Hall, B McKay
2008 Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics  
We report the first measurements of mass gain and expansive strain in clay ceramics immediately following firing. The results show that both mass gain and expansive strain follow a well defined two-stage process, each stage of which is linear with (time) 1/4 , with a transition from the first to the second stage commencing at t ∼ 1.5 h. The first stage mass gain and strain rates are ∼3.5 times greater than the second stage rates. The strain is found to show the same linear relationship with
more » ... throughout both stages providing evidence that the underlying physical process is the same in each stage. The early time measurements are unique in providing experimental evidence for t 1/4 kinetics for both strain and mass gain over times ranging from minutes to days and are consistent with earlier strain data showing t 1/4 kinetics over times ranging from days to centuries.
doi:10.1088/0022-3727/41/5/055402 fatcat:cig6xb7vfbhvfpwqcwcybosmn4