Characterization of the Age-Dependent Changes in Antioxidant Defenses and Protein's Sulfhydryl/Carbonyl Stress in Human Follicular Fluid

Alice Luddi, Laura Governini, Angela Capaldo, Giovanna Campanella, Vincenzo De Leo, Paola Piomboni, Giuseppe Morgante
2020 Antioxidants  
The oxidative stress, characterized by the imbalance between pro-oxidants and antioxidants molecules, seems to be involved in the pathogenesis of female subfertility. In particular, the presence of different markers of oxidative stress has been reported in human follicular fluid (FF) surrounding oocytes. Based on its distinctive composition and on the close proximity to the oocyte, FF creates a unique microenvironment having a direct impact on oocyte quality, implantation, and early embryo
more » ... d early embryo development. An imbalance in reactive oxygen species (ROS) production in ovarian follicular fluid may have a negative effect on these processes and, as a consequence, on female fertility. Therefore, the aim of this study was to evaluate the redox state of the FF through various methodological approaches. By means of 2D-electrophoresis we demonstrated that the main structural changes occurring in the proteins of the follicular fluid of normovulatory women were correlated to the age of the patients and to the antioxidant defenses present in the FF. Measurement of these parameters could have clinical relevance, since the assessment of the oxidative stress rate may be helpful in evaluating in vitro fertilization potential.
doi:10.3390/antiox9100927 pmid:32998216 fatcat:lj2mynjqnzgajl6hwtsj3c5bny