Rapid single flux quantum devices with selective dissipation for quantum information processing

J. Hassel, P. Helistö, H. Seppä, J. Kunert, L. Fritzsch, H.-G. Meyer
2006 Applied Physics Letters  
We study the possibility to use frequency dependent damping in RSFQ circuits as means to reduce dissipation and consequent decoherence in RSFQ/qubit circuits. We show that stable RSFQ operation can be achieved by shunting the Josephson junctions with an RC circuit instead of a plain resistor. We derive criteria for the stability of such an arrangement, and discuss the effect on decoherence and the optimisation issues. We also design a simple flux generator aimed at manipulating flux qubits.
doi:10.1063/1.2382733 fatcat:edorjcqtw5fxrpqw4a3u7lricu