Wireless Fingerprint Based Attendance System Using Zigbee Technology

Akshay Bhoyar, Shruti Borgave, A Bhandare
An effective information system needs to support a set of activities, which enable human beings to achieve effectively the objectives of the organization, supported by computer-based information(CBI) technology. Traditional styles of attendance management include handwritten signatures, RF card attendance machines, magnetic card etc. Apart from traditional wired attendance systems or paper based attendance system an automated wireless fingerprint attendance system based on ZigBee technology is
more » ... roposed, named as "Wireless Fingerprint Based Attendance System Using Zigbee Technology(WFBASZT)."WFBASZT is Biometrics based technology, supposed to be very efficient personal identifiers as it can keep track of characteristics believed to be unique to each person. WFBASZT provide various facilities such as students information and its fingerprint acquisition, wireless transmission, fingerprint matching, attendance management, report generation and data analysis in Microsoft excel format, at any where any time. This system offers effectiveness through its functions in capturing data, minimizing time-constraint, and saving effort to write/collect/check attendance slips. WFBASZT provides effectiveness and efficiency in administering and managing the attendance procedure; hence improving productivity and staff development.