String Theory of the Regge Intercept

S. Hellerman, I. Swanson
2015 Physical Review Letters  
Using the Polchinski-Strominger effective string theory in covariant gauge, we compute the mass of a rotating string in D dimensions with large angular momenta J, in one or two planes, in fixed ratio, up to and including first subleading order in the large J expansion. This constitutes a first-principles calculation of the value for the order J^0 contribution to the mass-squared of a meson on the leading Regge trajectory in planar QCD with bosonic quarks. For open strings with Neumann boundary
more » ... onditions, and for closed strings in D≥ 5, the order J^0 term in the mass-squared is exactly calculated by the semiclassical approximation. This term in the expansion is universal and independent of the details of the theory, assuming only D-dimensional Poincare invariance and the absence of other infinite-range excitations on the string worldvolume, beyond the Nambu-Goldstone bosons.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.114.111601 pmid:25839257 fatcat:lrobbjun3fhivgeeoqzkuhvycq