Analysis transmission performance of complex interconnect structure and equivalent circuit

Yuling Shang, Jianfeng Ma, Chunquan Li
2015 Proceedings of the 2015 International Power, Electronics and Materials Engineering Conference   unpublished
The signal integrity problem has become a limit on current electronic system design and development. This paper studies the transmission performance for high-speed PCB complex interconnect structural model consists of via, solder ball and trace. Different length of traces and different radius of pads were simulated using HFSS to evaluate the effect of these parameters on the transmission characteristic. An equivalent circuit model of the complex interconnect structure was presented and the
more » ... eters values were extracted. The circuit model was simulated using the software ADS, compared to the results simulated using HFSS, the differences of return loss S11were within 1dB ranging from 1GHz to 6GHz, and within 2dB ranging from 6GHz to 10GHz.
doi:10.2991/ipemec-15.2015.171 fatcat:yceau3qm7nbhvcdu27c3qj7eka