Method Development and Surface Utilization: Monitoring Environment in Urban Society Through Analytical Chemistry

2019 Geographia Technica  
Environmental changes following urban area development must be considered. Analytical chemistry deals with methods to analyze environment and all impacts of changes in chemistry level. Probes to label problems in environmental level, such as presence of hazards, changes of crops behavior, loss of certain biodiversity, can be the key information. Method development and new friendly materials creation, are proposed to answer the challenge. Some new materials, like catalytic converter and gas
more » ... verter and gas reduction agents will find their significance. Moreover, the frame of green chemistry would lead one to better achievement dealing with natural law. Surface utilization and separation techniques are important concepts in application of material for analysis and probe designing, which are based on surface equilibrium. The aim of this paper is to summarize key concepts in materials' surface and the role of analytical chemistry methods in anticipating environmental problems including those that arise from the urban society development, based on chemistry findings reported. Some method development as well as materials design examples are also presented.
doi:10.21163/gt_2019.141.22 fatcat:oi5dfami35garhbd6ns3fudouq