Object Tracking Algorithm Based on Dual Color Feature Fusion with Dimension Reduction

Shuo Hu, Yanan Ge, Jianglong Han, Xuguang Zhang
2018 Sensors  
Aiming at the problem of poor robustness and the low effectiveness of target tracking in complex scenes by using single color features, an object-tracking algorithm based on dual color feature fusion via dimension reduction is proposed, according to the Correlation Filter (CF)-based tracking framework. First, Color Name (CN) feature and Color Histogram (CH) feature extraction are respectively performed on the input image, and then the template and the candidate region are correlated by the
more » ... sed methods, and the CH response and CN response of the target region are obtained, respectively. A self-adaptive feature fusion strategy is proposed to linearly fuse the CH response and the CN response to obtain a dual color feature response with global color distribution information and main color information. Finally, the position of the target is estimated, based on the fused response map, with the maximum of the fused response map corresponding to the estimated target position. The proposed method is based on fusion in the framework of the Staple algorithm, and dimension reduction by Principal Component Analysis (PCA) on the scale; the complexity of the algorithm is reduced, and the tracking performance is further improved. Experimental results on quantitative and qualitative evaluations on challenging benchmark sequences show that the proposed algorithm has better tracking accuracy and robustness than other state-of-the-art tracking algorithms in complex scenarios.
doi:10.3390/s19010073 fatcat:moevopy2bfdqbf5zdl2xq3dy6i