Phonological Awareness and Word Decoding Ability of Second Year BSED-English Students in USEP – Tagum Campus [post]

Genesis Genelza, Samuel Babiano, Jessebelle Hilario, Donna Corpus, Manilyn Fernandez, Kirstine Allison Naig
2022 unpublished
This study focused on the level of Phonological awareness and Word Decoding ability among second year BSED English students in the University of Southeastern Philippines in terms of critical sound. Moreover, it aimed to recognize the significant relationship between the two variables. To verify, there were tests being employed to gather the necessary data. These were: listening test for measuring the respondents' level of awareness to words with critical sounds; phonetic transcription test to
more » ... entify the respondents' level of awareness to sound-symbol relationship; and spelling test to know the respondents' level of ability for transcriptions to be translated to its Standard English spelling. After the data have been gathered, it was interpreted that the students have a moderate Phonological awareness. On the other hand, their Word Decoding ability resulted to high level. As being correlated, it is being found that there is a great significant relationship between the two variables. With these marks, the researchers encourage the schools in enhancing the students' sound-word relationship knowledge by primarily utilizing speech laboratory and establishing a speech club in the school for extending their exposure about these concepts.
doi:10.20944/preprints202204.0123.v1 fatcat:6o4xdm2hmvdfbfm7np5fl524by