Instanton numbers and exchange symmetries in N = 2 dual string pairs

Gabriel Lopes Cardoso, Gottfried Curio, Dieter Lüst, Thomas Mohaupt
1996 Physics Letters B  
In this note, we comment on Calabi-Yau spaces with Hodge numbers h_1,1=3 and h_2,1=243. We focus on the Calabi-Yau space WP_1,1,2,8,12(24) and show how some of its instanton numbers are related to coefficients of certain modular forms. We also comment on the relation of four dimensional exchange symmetries in certain N=2 dual models to six dimensional heterotic/heterotic string duality.
doi:10.1016/0370-2693(96)00668-5 fatcat:kaiqy67e4zfdpdoq2cumj3cp3q