The Vicissitudes of Regimental Colours

R. Holden
1895 Royal United Services Institution Journal  
PART 1. 0 soltlicrs, colours have alivays been sacrctl. In the clays of the lionian Legion thc attachment of the troops to their siantlartls was h q i r e t l by the united influcncc of rcligion antl of honour. 'I'he goltlcn cagles,. which glitterkl in the front of the legion, \Yere thc objcc!s of thcir fontlcst tlcvotion; nor was it estccnictl less iml)ious than it \ v i s ignominious to ;ibantlon those sacrctl ensigns in the hour 6f rlangcr (I). 1 hcy were placctl in a chapel in the camp,
more » ... with tlic othcr tlcitics receiver1 the religious worship of the troops (2). Julius Cxsar's practice, in case of tlisortlcr when engaged with .the cneniy,.\vas that thc troops shoul(l rally antl form round the first stantlartl thcy coultl find, antl not lose tinic antl opportunity by hunting for thcir own (9. 'I'hc relation in which the British soldier of to-clay stantls to his colours was cspla'ined by the 1)ukc of \\'cllington in presenting a new set t o the 7211tl
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