'HORITATE' CHANGED INTO 'ISHIZUE' : Making of the Japanese early modern vernacular house with the framework of 'Munamochi-bashira'
掘立から礎へ : 中世後期から近世にいたる棟持柱構造からの展開

Toshikazu TSUCHIMOTO, Yoshiki ENDO
2000 Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ)  
皿 iis paper provides thc diachronic view of the Japanese vemacular house from the late medieval to the early modem period . ' Hottate−bashira ' is a post with fixed cnd struck into ground and ' Munamochi −bashira ' is a post which supports a ridge beam caLled IMunagi 「 , The archetype of the vemacular house had ' Hottate−bashira , and " Munamochi − bash 加 ' ;afterwards , changed into the house with posts on stone bases called 1 正 shizuel , It is concluded that the maj or prototype of Japancse
more » ... rly modem vemacular house has three posts in span direction with fixed end struck 血 to ground and thc middlc post supports the ridge beam . key脚 rds ,砌 α融 , Hottate ・ 加 露 r傷 M 跏 amochi ・ bα訪 ' ra , base , 0伽 cん' − 5 翩 伽 悶 3α ∫躍 一 ∫ ' 厂 配徽 r θ
doi:10.3130/aija.65.263_5 fatcat:6zciajmf6nantlk6non7zknjdm