Age-Related Changes in Immune Regulation by Noncoding RNAs [chapter]

Wan Wang, Feng Qian, Ruth R. Montgomery
2017 Handbook of Immunosenescence  
Immunosenescence is the multifactorial age-associated immune deterioration that leads to increased susceptibility to infections and decreased responses to vaccines. The mechanisms of immunosenescence remain incompletely understood but include the well-described hallmarks of aging, such as accumulation of damaged cellular proteins and inefficient autophagy, mitochondrial dysfunction leading to accumulation of reactive oxygen species and oxidative damage, and genomic instabilitytelomere
more » ... ytelomere shortening and DNA damage. Recent studies have shown that noncoding RNAs are important regulators of cellular mechanisms underlying numerous biological processes, and they play a fundamental role in regulating mechanisms of cellular aging. Here, we will review a role for ncRNAs in cellular aging pathways relevant to immune responses and dysregulation, cellular stress responses, and areas of active investigation that may increase our understanding of immunosenescence.
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-64597-1_109-1 fatcat:b6og5a2xanaw7fmppzai2alkli