Nutation and reference frame

N. Capitaine
1995 Highlights of Astronomy  
The reference frames are of fundamental importance in all kinds of the precession and nutation studies involving the theory, the coordinate transformation and the observations. The aim of this paper is to review all the frames used in such studies and to lead to a better consistency between them in order that theory and reductions of observations be referred, as close as possible, to the frames to which observables are actually sensitive.The equations of Earth rotation can be expressed either
more » ... Euler equations in the Terrestrial Reference System (TRS), or as perturbation theory in the Celestial Reference System (CRS) (Kinoshita 1977). Euler equations are transformed to the CRS in theastronomical approach(Woolard 1953) and solved by the method of variation of the parameters, whereas, in thegeophysical approach(Melchior 1971), the solutions, first obtained in the TRS, are transformed to the CRS and then solved by an integration with respect to time.
doi:10.1017/s1539299600011072 fatcat:pbcul7mn4rhjlmzkpmz4whyjse