Effectiveness of Nursing Management Educational Program upon Head Nurses Knowledge Regarding Patient Management

2020 Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology  
Over the past few decades, the role of the Director of the Nursing Unit (head nurse) has developed considerably globally, from the head nurse who supervisor to patient care and nursing staff and the needs of the ward from all the necessary supplies for nursing care in the ward to the role of the manager nurse who plays a broader role through his oversight of all Nursing ward in the hospital, staff employment and ward quality, development and retention. Previously the head nurses were
more » ... ses were responsible for the care of clinical patients only in the ward, and their duty was only patient. Objectives: Implement the nursing management education program for the study group. Methodology: A quasi-experimental design is carried out throughout the present study with the application of test-retest approach for the study and control groups from March 24 th 2019 to Feb 19 th 2020. Settings of the Study: This study was conducted at the nursing units of Al-Najaf AL-Ashraf City Hospitals which include (Al-Sadr Medical City, Al-Hakeem General Hospital and Al-Zahra Teaching Hospital, they represented AL-Najaf AL-Ashraf city). Result: showed that the study group participants had benefits from the implementation of nursing management education program Conclusions: The program considered an effective mean for the improvement of the head nurse's knowledge. Recommendations: Head nurses should have the required knowledge about wards management regarding patient care. And nursing management education program is an important tool for the development of head nurses' skills. Accordingly, head nurses need to be encouraged to participate in nursing management education program focused on patient management. Finally, the study proved that there is an essential need for collaboration between the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research with Ministry of Health and Environment to improve the nursing management courses as a part of curriculum in nursing institutes and universities.
doi:10.37506/ijfmt.v14i4.11577 fatcat:cofllxsranffxexoqzo53obime