Hormonally induced tumors of the reproductive system of parabiosed male rats

C E Brown, S Warren, R N Chute, K J Ryan, R B Todd
1979 Cancer Research  
Parabiosis of intact male rats to castrated males or oophorectomized females for a period of approximately 20 months resulted in three interstitial cell tumors of the testis. When unilateral nephrectomy was added to the parabiotic procedure in ten pairs, eight interstitial cell tumors of the testis and four adenocarcinomas of the prostate occurred in the target male parabionts. These changes were preceded by elevations in luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormone levels in the serum of the
more » ... the serum of the castrates and high levels of testosterone and, to a lesser degree, of androstenedion in the target partners developing the tumors.
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