22. Commission des Meteores et des Meteorites

1962 Transactions of the International Astronomical Union  
The meeting was opened by Dr Kresak explaining that the Executive Committee had asked him to be Acting President of the Commission, as Dr Fedynsky was unfortunately unable to attend. The future of the present two Sub-Commissions, 22 a and 226, was discussed with regard to the changes of the By-Laws of the Union. At a suggestion by Dr Whipple it was agreed that Sub-Commission 22a should become a 'Committee on Meteorites' within Commission 22. The main task of this Committee should be to produce
more » ... three-yearly review of work in the field of meteoritics and to provide a point of contact with meteorite experts who are not astronomers. At a suggestion by Dr Millman it was agreed that Sub-Commission 226 should become a 'Committee on Terminology and Notations' within Commission 22, with the task of unification of the terminology and notations used in meteoric literature in different languages.
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