Tendencies Of Transformation And The Direction Of Correction Of The Institutional System Of The Russian Economy

A. Slavianov
2018 Zenodo  
The conducted researches have shown rather weak adaptation ability of the market economic system of Russia to modern challenges and threats. The financial and economic crisis, sanctions policy against Russia, instability in the commodity markets have caused a slowdown in the national economy. The analysis showed that the state support of private companies and financial institutions is ineffective, and the innovative activity of the private sector of the economy is at a low level. The need of
more » ... vel. The need of enterprises and organizations for new equipment and services is usually met by foreign suppliers, which increases the dependence of the national economy on imports. The formed import dependence of the national economy has created a basis for pressure on Russia from industrialized countries. The analysis shows that the reserves for sanctions pressure have not yet been exhausted and in the future, there will be an aggravation of the military-political situation and an increase in the intensity of anti-Russian sanctions. The economy, whose resources are concentrated and used to counter threats to the existence of the country as an integrated system, which is characteristic of the so-called mobilization economy, can resist the emerging negative processes. In order to preserve Russia's institutional system under enormous external pressure, the paper proposes the principles of its correction, consisting in strengthening the role of the state in the management and control of enterprises involved in the implementation of strategic projects and programs. Partial nationalization of a number of strategic enterprises and financial organizations until the stabilization of the political and economic international situation is not ruled out. The measures proposed in the work will contribute to the preservation of economic and political sovereignty of Russia, increase the investment attractiveness of the economy, which will be a stimulus for its economic growth.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1461989 fatcat:rtlnlaosdnamdi7ork6cwxpf7i