Apropiación de la Sustentabilidad para la gestión del conocimiento en los agronegocios de Sinaloa

Antonio Enrique Acosta-Perea, Ignacia Murillo-Castro, Melissa Acosta-Ávila
2022 Ra Ximhai  
Since in the new global context, a trend towards Sustainability is identified, which is taken as a reference for the search of its meaning, and that it is possible to distinguish that it appropriates an emerging nature for human interaction, with the various actors involved in its process, demands to be met in the integration of the three economic, social and environmental dimensions, being this fundamental, for its fulfillment; which implies considering it necessary for its appropriation in
more » ... wledge management as a perspective in business, the purpose of conducting an analysis of the main approaches and elements of sustainability for appropriation in knowledge management and its implication in the substantive functions of responsibility towards agribusiness in Sinaloa arises; and to achieve this pretension of analysis it was necessary to consider a theoretical-analytical review for reflective arguments on the dynamics of this appropriation process, highlighting that for the research methods and techniques used provided convergence in the theoretical scenario with the dynamics of sustainability in its appropriation to knowledge management for agribusiness in Sinaloa, in such a way that the integration of the economic approach and organizational approach are pretensions of the integrative social approach that will allow the fulfillment of all the interactions and commitments necessary to consider for the promotion and development of agribusiness in Sinaloa.
doi:10.35197/rx.18.03.2022.08.aa fatcat:4rwwlwh37jbfxayvlq7lzupmt4