Rotational-monad metaphysics

Roman Kremen
2021 Vox. Philosophical journal  
The article presents a metaphysical concept, in the main tesa of which the simplest discrete element of physical reality is constituted — designated as a protomonad — which forms the basis of spatial forms of materiality, including space itself as such. The genesis of the protomonad is clarified by a certain way interpreted rotation of the spiritual essence, which in itself does not have an extension, and both the indicated essence and its rotation have a metaphysical order, and the dimension
more » ... physical space finds a rational interpretation through the characteristics of metaphysical rotation. The semantic aspects of complex mathematical constructs are considered that convey the semantics of rotations, and quite reasonably proposed by some mathematicians as the unified foundations of mathematics and physics, where the properties of constructs act as a mathematically strict co-proof of the validity of the concept. The meaning of number is explained as a method of restriction on infinite pre-physical multiplicity, and finite natural multiplicities are the result of such restrictions; the most important special case is the three-dimensional spatial metric given in the experiment, which appears as a restriction of an infinite-dimensional metaphysical space. The so-called principle of genetic inheritance is formulated, which makes it possible to remove the dialectical opposition between the one and the multiple and illustrates the categories of time and space as dialectical oppositions.
doi:10.37769/2077-6608-2021-33-6 fatcat:npg5jp763zdzvkdqrah2tmclvq