The Cameroon Displacement: A Neglected Crisis

Hugh Kang
2020 International Journal of Social Relevance & Concern  
My paper examines the neglect that the Cameroonian Crisis faces in three different domains: international, domestic, and organizational. The paper conducts a comparative analysis between the Cameroonian Crisis and the Somalian Crisis to demonstrate the vast contrast in media coverage and aid packages between the two crises. It unveils the social, economic, and historical factors that account for this gap, placing the Somalian crisis on the frontlines of global attention and preventing the
more » ... onian crisis from receiving comparable treatment. From an international standpoint, the paper focuses on the responses from neighboring African countries. More importantly, the effectiveness and integrity of these initiatives are revealed, with many false promises and a lack of follow-up. Countries like Equatorial Guinea, South Africa, and Côte d'Ivoire could potentially help Cameroon; this capacity is analyzed by studying the political and economic factors that will either aid or possibly obstruct any future attempts to help Cameroon. The paper also examines the implosion of domestic infrastructures that led to the Cameroonian crisis, as well as the historical factors that led to the displacement of thousands of people. The crisis is notably neglected by large international organizations such as the UNHCR; the paper delves into the lack of follow-through on set objectives, the failure of unrealistic goals, and the dangers of neglect by these international bodies. The paper ultimately outlines a concrete plan of action that calls for international dialogue to tackle the complexity of the issue through a constellation of international initiatives, national reforms, and scaled responses that give the Cameroonian crisis the awareness and support it deserves.
doi:10.26821/ijsrc.8.9.2020.8905 fatcat:arf2jnchlbbl5ft6bkxs7gpssy