Anomalous spelling in Byelorussian: the replacement of e by a in post-stress sylahles

P. J. Mayo
1974 Journal of Belarusian studies  
A distinctive feature of the Byelorussian literary language is akannie, i.e. the pronunciation of unstressed [o], [e] (and [a]) as [a] in the following positions: word initial e.g. a6b1x6,n; [abyx6t], in the immediate pretonic syllable e.g. ,n;aMhI [damy], in a final open syllable e.g. B6Ka [v6ka]. In other unstressed positions -syllables preceding the stress other than the immediate pretonic syllable and post-stress syllables other than final open -reduction of the vowel takes place to ['h]
more » ... es place to ['h] e.g. rapa,D;bI [ 'Y'hrady], r6pa,n;aM [ -v6r'hd'hm]. A similar situation may be observed where unstressed [o], [e] (and [al) occur after soft consonants.
doi:10.30965/20526512-00302004 fatcat:chyssfwxg5cddmlwbaz6wxj5p4