Dynamic Effect of the Earth Fissure Sites in the Yuncheng Basin, China [post]

Ge CAO, Yahong Deng, Jiang Chang, You Xuan, Nainan He, Huandong Mu
2022 unpublished
Earth fissures are a type of major geological disaster that occurs worldwide. China has experienced some of the most serious earth fissure disasters in the world. The Yuncheng Basin is an important constituent basin of the Fenwei Basin in China where earth fissures are densely developed and caused severe damage. In particular, the impact of earth fissures on the seismic response of the site is still unknown and is an urgent problem that needs to be solved. Based on microtremor tests, three
more » ... of typical earth fissure sites in the Yuncheng Basin were selected for field testing. Through spectrum analysis, the dynamic response characteristics of the earth fissure sites were determined. The results show that the dynamic response of the site is significantly affected by the earth fissures. The dynamic response strength of the site is the largest on both sides of the earth fissures, and it decreases and gradually stabilizes with increasing distance from the fissures. The impact range of the earth fissures on the hanging side is slightly longer than the heading side.
doi:10.21203/rs.3.rs-1267005/v1 fatcat:qfkyluhgynh73azu35t6xnm7kq