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Adam Niemczyński
2021 Developmental Psychology  
Towards Objectivity of Values. A Response to Comments Beyond immediate references to the introductory paper, one may find in the commentaries a set of other interesting issues. They are left to another occasion, since the focus here is on remarks inviting further elaboration on the main theses' clarification and grounding. It goes in three directions, to (i) clarify the difference between a rejection of British empiricism as a misleading theory of human cognition and a postulate to replace it
more » ... th an adequate theory of cognitive reference to the truth of believes about the objects of experience in the world of human culture and civilization, (ii) dismiss from the theory of human knowledge the belief in the construction of mind-representations of the objects of cognition, and to focus instead on the relation of reference in judgments to the independent objects of knowledge within the human world, and (iii) to ground the objective status of the ideal of truth and the other values within the world of culture and civilization arrangements.
doi:10.4467/20843879pr.21.021.15222 fatcat:mdmkrsfnfjdfhabblxbni67qgu