Geotechnical Characterization of the Grand-Lahou and Samo Soils in Road Construction

2020 JCBPSC  
In Ivory Coast, particularly in the South, the majority of the dressed and not dressed roads are made with this type of ground considering its big availability. Indeed clayey sands meet in the Ivory Coast sedimentary pond. However, these grounds result from a particular process of change under the wet tropical regions. Of this fact the geotechnical properties of these grounds are very variable, influenced by the climate, the geology and the degree of change [1] . Besides, the majority of roads
more » ... majority of roads built with clayey sands degrade in a premature way. So, the use of these grounds in the road construction requires a minimum of knowledge of their physical, chemical and mechanical properties. The present document reports main porperties quoted above from clayey sands of the sedimentary pond of the Ivoiry Coast. In particula, clayey sand of Samo and Grand-Lahou. After analysis, The results showed in the plan of the size grading that in spite of their high quantity of unrefined elements respectively of 66 % and 50%, Geotechnical ... KOUASSI Kouakou Pierre et al. 161
doi:10.24214/jcbps.d.10.2.16071 fatcat:jcvum2643ndwxoiarcsc6aufua