Combined Heat Transfer by Natural Convection – Conduction and Surface Radiation in an Open Cavity Under Constant Heat Flux Heating

Zhiyun Wang, Mo Yang, Ling Li, Yuwen Zhang
2011 Numerical Heat Transfer, Part A Applications  
Combined heat transfer by natural convection-conduction and surface radiation in an open cavity heated by constant flux is studied here. The laminar flow is solved numerically by employing the SIMPLE algorithm with QUICK scheme. The numerical results show that both radiation and solid conduction increase the average total Nusselt number. The average total Nusselt number is a linear increasing function of emissivity when emissivity is larger than 0.2. The heat conduction of a conductive wall
more » ... conductive wall increases the total cooling effect, but its effect is close to a limit when the conductivity ratio exceeds 100. The increase due to radiation ranged from 54.1% to 64.0%.
doi:10.1080/10407782.2011.594415 fatcat:vx4nimbp4fajhapqtjtcwycz6y