The Influence of Pressure Perception and Social Support on Medical Work Desire

Yuan He, Hongzhen Lei, Xu Xu
2016 Proceedings of 2016 2nd International Conference on Humanities and Social Science Research (ICHSSR 2016)   unpublished
Based on the phenomenon that medical risks result in lower desire for engaging in medical work. [Purpose] the study explores to what degree medical students hope to become a medial practitioner through investigating and analyzing their reaction to pressure perception and social support in the course of internship. [Method] On the basis of taking pressure perception as an independent variable, six dimensions are measured, including employment situation, interpersonal relationship, knowledge and
more » ... hip, knowledge and skills, medical conditions, workload and medical risks. In addition, taking social support as a moderating variable, the study analyzes medical students' desires for engaging in medical work in terms of degree from three dimensions: degree of respect, degree of understanding and degree of satisfaction. [Conclusions]The results show that pressure perception significantly influences the desire for engaging in medical work and that the interaction of pressure perception and social support is marginally significant and has negative effect on work desire. An overview of relevant researches Pressure Perception and Influencing Factors Holmes and Rahe called the things influencing human spirit in the change of life "life events". The pressure source is the typical life event, but not all the life events come from the pressure source. The relevant researches showed that negative life events are the reasons for influencing health [3] [4] According to the researches on the pressure of students in Tsinghua university conducted by Fan Fumian and Li Wei, 71.3% of them suffered from greater psychological stress, which resulted in adverse effects on their physiology and psychology. In the research of Liu Jie, 80.1% of the surveyed students said that they experienced the "very large" or "relatively large" pressure, reflecting that university students are bearing the relatively high pressure.
doi:10.2991/ichssr-16.2016.104 fatcat:6cjl37jig5e3tlxwdd3da5piqu