Traffic Speed Report No. 113 : Interim Report [report]

Richard Guenthner, George Stafford
1980 unpublished
The overall free flow results show an average speed of 56.6 mph. The results indicate that speeds have changed only slightly from the previous April -June 1980 quarter. Results over the past year indicate that while general passenger car speeds have decreased, the overall speeds of heavy trucks have shown a slight increase. The statewide weighted compliance level of vehicles traveling over 55mph was 55.8 percent. This value compared with the 53.9 percent found during the previous quarter.
more » ... ious quarter. Copies of the report will be sent to the Federal Highway Administration and the ISHC for review, comment and acceptance as partial fulfillment of the objectives of this HPR Part I Study. Copies of the report are requested for release to the Indiana State Police and the Indiana Office of Traffic Safety as a normal procedure for these reports. Abstract This report is another in the continuing study of speeds of vehicles on Indiana highways. Observations of spot speeds were taken on interstate, four-lane and two-lane highways throughout the state during the July-September 1980 quarter. This report includes the analysis of the interim speed monitoring procedures which are required as a result of the Surface Transportation Act of 1978. Results of this study indicate a statewide average of 55.8 percent of the vehicles traveling above the 55 mph speed limit. This report also includes analysis of free flow speeds. Results here show that the overall average speeds have changed only slightly from the previous April-June 1980 quarter. Analysis of the free flow speeds recorded during this past year indicate that while the speeds of passenger cars have dropped, the speeds of heavy trucks have increased slightly. 17.
doi:10.5703/1288284314018 fatcat:2hyzixyko5dyzpc6euvusq56fy