Automatic Generation Control of Multi Area Power Plants with the Help of Advanced Controller

Snehal Gondaliya, Mr. Krishan Arora
2015 International Journal of Engineering Research and  
The automatic generation control (AGC) of multi area combined power plant has been modelled with PID controller -Proportional Integral Derivative Controller. There are mainly Particle Swarm Optimization and Conventional Gradient Descent technique have been used to improve the performance of Automatic Generation Control system. The frequency change occurs in all the three areas due to load fluctuation in one area at a time. The transfer function model for the wind power plant has been developed
more » ... ssuming a constant wind speed. The interconnection of wind power plant with thermal and hydro power plant has been done and then the frequency control is done with PID controller for this interconnected system. The simulation studies using MATLAB have been done which show that the PID controller is effective for controlling the frequency change along with suitable frequency bias (Bi), speed regulation parameter (Ri), proportional gain (Kp), integral gain (Ki). Conventional Gradient Descent technique will take much more time when different parameters have to be calculated simultaneously. The advance intelligence based technique like Particle Swarm Optimization is more reliable, high efficient and fast technique to obtain different gains in load frequency control. PID controller gives the improved dynamic performance for multi area network with thermalwind-hydro power plants. MATLAB software is used as a simulation tool as usual gives the compression between PI and PID controller.
doi:10.17577/ijertv4is040671 fatcat:2fbkrdptzvakthzae7bfxsmkhy