Study of Pushover Analysis of Steel Bracing System-An Overview

M Rishad, V Singh
Journal of Civil Engineering and Environmental Technology   unpublished
The present study has been carried out to study the behaviour and effectiveness of different types of steel bracing system used in steel buildings. The study emphasize on seismic performance of steel framed building with or without bracing system. Various types of bracing systems used for study are V-braced frame, Chevron braced, Cross braced frame and quantity of steel used for bracing was kept constant for different types of bracing systems. The seismic performance of 2D frame steel structure
more » ... depending upon parameters like height of the building, type of bracing, type of lateral load pattern have been studied. Non-linear static analysis (pushover analysis) carried out to compare sequential failure of members, roof displacement, base shear, inter-storey drift, performance point, seismic capacity etc. It has been studied that V-bracing and Chevron bracing is more useful in compared to other because these two bracings meeting the desirable displacement with sufficient base shear capacity.