Brain Tumor Diagnosis Support System: A Decision Fusion Framework

Kalifa Shantta, Otman Basir
2020 IRA-International Journal of Applied Sciences (ISSN 2455-4499)  
The early and accurate detection of brain tumors is important in providing effective and efficient therapy and thus can result in increased survival rates. Current image-based tumor detection and diagnosis methods depend heavily on the interpretation of the neuro specialists and/or radiologists. Therefore, it is quite possible for the interpretation process to be time-consuming, and prone to human error and subjectivity. Automatic detection and classification of brain tumors have the potential
more » ... o achieve efficiency and higher degree of predictable accuracy. However, it is well established that the accuracy performance of automatic detection and classification techniques varies from technique to technique, and tends to be image modality dependent. Thus, it is prudent to explore the variability in the performance of these techniques as a means to achieve consistent high accuracy performance. This paper presents a framework for fusing multiple tumor classifiers. The fusion process is based on the Dempster Shafer evidence fusion theory. Several tumor classifiers are employed. Experimental results will be presented to validate the efficiency of the proposed framework. It is concluded that fusing the classification decisions made by the various classifiers it is conceivable that efficient and consistent high accuracy classification performance can be attained.
doi:10.21013/jas.v15.n3.p1 fatcat:dgpjuaezjrabzmxqvcg3z3mzsa