Perturbation theory in the radial quantization approach and the expectation values of exponential fields in the sine-Gordon model

V V Mkhitaryan, R H Poghossian, T A Sedrakyan
2000 Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General  
A perturbation theory for Massive Thirring Model (MTM) in radial quantization approach is developed. Investigation of the twisted sector in this theory allows us to calculate the vacuum expectation values of exponential fields exp iaphi (0) of the sine-Gordon theory in first order over Massive Thirring Models coupling constant. It appears that the apparent difficulty in radial quantization of massive theories, namely the explicite "time" dependence of the Hamiltonian, may be successfully
more » ... e. The result we have obtained agrees with the exact formula conjectured by Lukyanov and Zamolodchikov and coincides with the analogous calculations recently carried out in dual angular quantization approach by one of the authors.
doi:10.1088/0305-4470/33/16/320 fatcat:cljcwc6ozzbkdpjrbkrhvc7yu4