Description of Four Native Species of the Genus Cantharis

Thaddeus William Harris
1824 The New England Journal of Medicine and Surgery and the Collateral Branches of Science  
room during the day, except a few hours devoted to sleep, attending with the most assiduous care lo all her wants, and assisted at every dressing ; as well as will) a coloured woman, who acted as assistant, and was almost always in the room through the day, and always assisted at the dressings. This is a forcible illustration of the fact which has often been noticed, that the human system by a constant exposure (o any cause of disease, is able to resist its influence, while it yields to an
more » ... ional exposure of the same kind. I do not feel disposed to add any thing by way of comment, to this statement. It ought, however, lo be remarked, in connexion with it, that gore-throats, similar in most respects, lo these have occurred in town with unusual frequency (or several months past. 1 have met with them in several families, and in more than one instance almost every individual in the family has been affected in succession. But the disease has been of a mild character. The cases were generally less severe, particularly in the first attack, than those 1 have described in this paper.
doi:10.1056/nejm182407010130305 fatcat:2tvzofzos5eophl4uxql5hvn5q