When Socio-Culture Meets Socio-Economy

Jin Kuan Kok
2015 Health Care Current Reviews  
Clarification of the term "Young-Old" as proposed by Neugarden is made. Two main factors that contributed to the differences in the findings of the article entitled "Aging Gracefully: A Comparative Study of Japanese and Malaysia Women Aged 65-75 are discussed. This article concluded that socio-religious pressure would probably, in time, give way to socio-economic pressure. The challenges faced by care givers when socio-religious factors have to give way under the pressure of economic forces
more » ... be further discussed. As the traditional Malaysian Chinese culture might not change in the near future because many young people are still holding to traditional values of filial piety, greater strain will be imposed on the younger Malaysian Chinese generations. This paper concludes that ageing is not only a personal experience and it has to be understood in its macro socio-economic context.
doi:10.4172/2375-4273.1000149 fatcat:hvk46pbfbzalhcrtbtwfe7ixzy