Enhanced broadband near-infrared emission and energy transfer in Bi-Tm-codoped germanate glasses for broadband optical amplification

Jian Ruan, Guoping Dong, Xiaofeng Liu, Qiang Zhang, Danping Chen, Jianrong Qiu
2009 Optics Letters  
Bi-Tm-codoped, and Tm-and Bi-singly doped germanate glasses were prepared, and their luminescent properties were investigated. Intense broadband near-IR emission with FWHM of 300 nm was observed in the Bi-Tm codoped glass. The emission intensity of Tm 3+ : 3 H 4 -13 F 4 and 3 F 4 -13 H 5 transitions in the Bi-Tm-codoped glass was highly increased and reduced, respectively. The fluorescence lifetime of Tm 3+ at 1470 nm increased from 204 s to 301 s after codoping. These should be due to the
more » ... ient energy transfer from Bi-related centers to Tm 3+ ions. The highest energy transfer efficiency is estimated to be ϳ50%.
doi:10.1364/ol.34.002486 pmid:19684824 fatcat:bhk6jbtizzh4haqczsekgedw5u