Human B7-H3 binds to Triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells-like transcript 2 (TLT-2) and enhances T cell responses

Masaaki Hashiguchi, Yuka Inamochi, Shoya Nagai, Noriko Otsuki, Jinhua Piao, Hiroko Kobori, Yumiko Kanno, Hidefumi Kojima, Tetsuji Kobata, Miyuki Azuma
2012 Open Journal of Immunology  
The B7 family member B7-H3 is broadly expressed in many tissue and tumor types. B7-H3 expression is induced on some immune cells; however, its immunological function remains controversial, because both immunoenhancing and immunoinhibitory effects have been reported in human and mouse systems. We have previously reported the following: 1) murine B7-H3 specifically bound to Triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells (TREM)-like transcript 2 (TLT-2, TREML2), a member of the TREM family of
more » ... TREM family of receptors; and 2) the B7-H3:TLT-2 pathway up-regulated T cell responses. However, the expression and function of human TLT-2 has not yet been clarified. A recent study found no evidence to support the existence of an interacttion between human B7-H3 and TLT-2. In this study, we demonstrated that human B7-H3 binds to TLT-2 and augments T cell responses. Human and
doi:10.4236/oji.2012.21002 fatcat:fiqwdhtsojhn7okqn3wc4gn2oa