Additional Crime Scenes for Projectile Motion Unit

Dan Fullerton, David Bonner
2011 The Physics Teacher  
scene (Gangster Shooting, Hotel Jumper, and Road Rage), including a poster with background information, a threedimensional scale mock-up of the crime scene created in advance by students in search of extra credit, and an information sheet detailing the investigative team's assignment. Students are then broken up into investigative teams, given a timeline for working at each scene, and released to begin their investigations and solve the crimes, with groups assigned to one of the starting crime
more » ... cenes detailed below. Crime Scene #1: Gangster Shooting Context: Horatio Leafbottom, a newly initiated member of Gangster's Union Local #219, was shot in the shoulder at a recent union meeting for refusing to apologize after making strong comments on the topic of the superiority of cats as pets. Luckily, the bullet traveled straight through Leafbottom's shoulder. He will make a full recovery. Because of the chaos at the time, however, Leafbottom cannot make a confident determination of the shooter's identity. Police investigators have narrowed the suspect field to the three candidates who were armed and in the room at the time. Janice Jackson, a small-time software pirate, was found carrying a .38 Special. Aloisus Datarcy, a suspected weapons dealer, was found with a .45 Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP). Merv Redwood, suspected money launderer, was apprehended with a .357 Magnum. All three guns had been fired recently.
doi:10.1119/1.3661100 fatcat:o4hp7gps5nhhhl3dmzwhnc4an4