Impairment-Based Examination and Disability Management of an Elderly Woman With Sacroiliac Region Pain

2002 Physical Therapy  
APTA is a sponsor of the Decade, an international, multidisciplinary initiative to improve health-related quality of life for people with musculoskeletal disorders. Background and Purpose. The purpose of this case report is to describe the use of a cluster of sacroiliac tests in conjunction with an impairment-based model of examination, diagnosis, and management of sacroiliac region pain. Case Description. The patient was a 74-yearold woman with an 18-month history of low back, left buttock,
more » ... groin pain following a misstep. The initial symptoms were intermittent. The symptoms became constant and limited her walking tolerance to 5 minutes, which affected her ability to care for her grandchildren. She was examined using a cluster of sacroiliac tests that examined: (1) innominate active mobility, (2) innominate positional symmetry, and (3) sacroiliac ligament tenderness. Outcomes. Following 4 treatments for identified impairments, the patient had unlimited walking tolerance and she resumed an active caregiving role for her grandchildren. Discussion. This case illustrates the use of an impairment-based model for examination and management of an elderly patient with what appeared to be sacroiliac joint dysfunction. [Godges JJ, Varnum DR, Sanders KM. Impairment-based examination and disability management of an elderly woman with sacroiliac region pain. Phys Ther. 2002;82:812-821.] ўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўў 27 McCombe PF, Fairbank JCT, Cockersole BC, Pynsent PB. 1989 Volvo Award in clinical sciences: reproducibility of physical signs in low-back pain. Spine. 1989;14:908 -918. 28 Ellison JB, Rose SJ, Sahrmann SA. Patterns of hip rotation range of motion: a comparison between healthy subjects and patients with low back pain. Phys Ther. 1990;70:537-541. 29 Brooke R. The sacro-iliac joint. J Anat. 1924;58:299 -305. 30 Vleeming A, Stoeckart R, Volkers ACW, Snijders CJ. Relation between form and function in the sacroiliac joint, part I: clinical anatomical aspects. Spine. 1990;15:130 -132. 31 Vleeming A, Volkers ACW, Snijders CJ, Stoeckart R. Relation between form and function in the sacroiliac joint, part II: biomechanical aspects. Spine. 1990;15:133-136. 32 Dreyfuss P, Dryer S, Griffin J, et al. Positive sacroiliac screening tests in asymptomatic adults.
doi:10.1093/ptj/82.8.812 fatcat:k7dbet2dkjgnbcnlgj7fagqv2e