Synchrotron radiation ablative photodecomposition and production of crystalline fluoropolymer thin films

T. Katoh, Y. Zhang
1996 Applied Physics Letters  
Deposition of crystalline thin films of polytetrafluoroethylene ͑PTFE͒ was carried out on Si͑100͒ substrates by synchrotron irradiation of a PTFE target in vacuo. In situ mass spectrometric analysis of gaseous species evolved during the irradiation shows that, different from the laser ablation of PTFE for the deposition, the SR-induced reactions should be ablative photochemical decomposition ͑APD͒ rather than photothermal unzipping decomposition, yielding saturated fluorocarbons rather than
more » ... mers as the main gaseous products. Detection of a trace of CF 3 in the deposited films by XPS and FTIR was consistent with our APD mechanism. In our processing, an increase in the target temperature made great improvements including considerable enhancement of the deposition rates, reduction of the CF 3 component, and achievement of the crystalline features closer to the PTFE target, whereas an increase in the substrate temperature made the film surface rough.
doi:10.1063/1.116526 fatcat:syi7i6df5ncuhblcsel5wohyla