Inverse Problem in Space Fractional Advection Diffusion Equation

Gisele Moraes Marinho, Jader Lugon Júnior, Diego Campos Knupp, Antônio J. Silva Neto, Antônio J. Silva Neto, Joao Flávio Vieira Vasconcellos
2020 unpublished
This work studies an inverse problem of determining the fractional order, a diffusion coefficient and the average velocity simultaneously in one-dimensional space fractional advection-diffusion equation. The forward problem is performed by an implicit finite difference scheme. Here, the solution of the inverse problem is performed in R environment using the Generalized Simulated Annealing algorithm (GenSA) package. Numerical experiments show that the algorithm is able to retrieve the parameters
more » ... ieve the parameters with good accuracy.
doi:10.5540/03.2020.007.01.0394 fatcat:mjigr3cjwbb23nnd4eee5dwf3e