Scalable T2 resistivity in a small single-component Fermi surface

X. Lin, B. Fauque, K. Behnia
2015 Science  
Scattering among electrons generates a distinct contribution to electrical resistivity that follows a quadratic temperature dependence. In strongly-correlated electron systems, the prefactor A of this T$^2$ resistivity scales with the magnitude of the electronic specific heat. Here, we show that one can change the magnitude of A by four orders of magnitude in metallic SrTiO3 by tuning the concentration of the carriers and consequently, the Fermi energy. The T$^2$ behavior persists in the
more » ... sists in the single-band dilute limit despite the absence of two known mechanisms for T$^2$ behavior, distinct electron reservoirs and Umklapp processes. The results highlight the absence of a microscopic theory for momentum decay through electron-electron scattering in different Fermi liquids.
doi:10.1126/science.aaa8655 pmid:26315430 fatcat:etb57pnowjg43efsofdpx3gejq