Unmanned Aircraft System Applications in Damage Detection and Service Life Prediction for Bridges: A Review

Hongze Li, Yanli Chen, Jia Liu, Zheng Zhang, Hang Zhu
2022 Remote Sensing  
The increasing need for inexpensive, safe, highly efficient, and time-saving damage detection technology, combined with emerging technologies, has made damage detection by unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) an active research area. In the past, numerous sensors have been developed for damage detection, but these sensors have only recently been integrated with UAS. UAS damage detection specifically concerns data collection, path planning, multi-sensor fusion, system integration, damage
more » ... n, and data processing in building a prediction model to predict the remaining service life. This review provides an overview of crucial scientific advances that marked the development of UAS inspection: underlying UAS platforms, peripherals, sensing equipment, data processing approaches, and service life prediction models. Example equipment includes a visual camera, a multispectral sensor, a hyperspectral sensor, a thermal infrared sensor, and light detection and ranging (LiDAR). This review also includes highlights of the remaining scientific challenges and development trends, including the critical need for self-navigated control, autonomic damage detection, and deterioration model building. Finally, we conclude with a brief discussion regarding the pros and cons of this emerging technology, along with a prospect of UAS technology research for damage detection.
doi:10.3390/rs14174210 fatcat:sgai3a7k4rhglox4sckuiml3vu