How to Select the Correct Modified Starch to Improve the Food Texture

2015 Oleoscience  
Modified starches play an impor tant role in producing the texture of processed foods. Main modified starches for food are divided in starch to prevent retrogradation and crosslinking starch to improve stability of viscosity. To add "mochimochi (glutinous, sticky)" texture to food, low-amylose starch or tapioca starch are main choices. Fur thermore, to add "sakusaku" (crisp) texture to food, degradable starch is ef fective. To make fish products more "puripuri" (gelatinous, springiness), oil
more » ... ted starch can be selected. To keep "funwari" (Soft) texture in bread or cake, pregelatinized starch which contains vegetable oil is preferable. Selecting proper kinds of basic starches or modified starches is impor tant to make the special texture of processed foods.
doi:10.5650/oleoscience.15.407 fatcat:kfwmzu4i3jfszjcya6hctgzdxi